The 7 Best Bean Bag Chairs in 2023

Bean bag chairs are a great option if you’re looking for additional seating, something comfortable to relax in, or home decor.

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1. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Person sitting in a white Chill Sack bean bag chair.
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The Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair is high-quality and stuffed with a shredded memory foam blend. There are 34 different covers, which means you’ll be able to find the perfect color.

To clean it, you can remove the cover and wash it. However, it’s recommended that you spot clean to keep it in good condition.

The 5-foot bean bag is the perfect size because it’s good for kids and adults. It’ll arrive compressed and will take shape a few hours after you unbox it.

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2. Big Joe Smartmax Milano

Black Big Joe bean bag chair.
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For a comfortable bean bag that has a chair-like structure, go with Big Joe’s Smartmax Milano. It’s designed to give you more support than other bean bag chairs.

More structure doesn’t mean more weight. The Big Joe Smartmax Milano is lightweight, as it’s just under five pounds.

It’s also a bean bag that’s built to last. The bag is tough, stain-resistant, and water-resistant. The UltimaX beans conform to your body and are fluffy while being sturdy.

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3. Moon Pod

Person sitting in a grey Moon Pod.
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Filled with high-density beads is the revolutionary Moon Pod. It mimics the same feelings as Flotation Therapy, weighs 12 pounds, and takes up only 4 feet of space.

It has a supportive dual shell membrane, which makes it soft and stretchy. It’s also designed to relieve back and neck pain.

The Moon Pod is sleek, modern, and comes in five aesthetic colors. It takes the bean bag to the next level.

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4. Sofa Sack Plush Bean Bag Chair

Person sitting on a Sofa Slack bean bag in a living room.
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At 3 feet wide and is filled with memory foam instead of beans is the Sofa Sack Blush Bean Bag Chair.

It’s made with microsuede material, which is soft, velvety, and very comfortable. It also comes in 15 different colors.

The Sofa Sack bean bag chair is a perfect addition to your home. Adults, teens, and toddlers will love it.

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5. Yogibo Max 6-Foot Beanbag Chair

Person laying on a Yogibo bean bag.
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The Yogibo Max is one of the best and most popular bean bags on the market. It takes up 6 feet of space, which is large enough to sit comfortably.

It’s filled with micro-beads that automatically conform to your body. The micro-beads also ensure that you don’t feel any pressure on your body.

It has a removable cover that’s made from a blend of cotton and spandex. You can put it in the washing machine without worrying about it shrinking.

As a giant bean bag, it’s comfortable and will immediately grab your attention.

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6. Lovesac MovieSac

Grey Lovesac MovieSac.
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Lovesac is known for its comfortable and plush bean bags. While the price tag is higher than others, the MovieSac is worth splurging on because it’s durable, and you won’t want to get off of it.

It’s 4 feet wide, weighs 45 pounds, and can seat two adults. It also features shredded Durafoam filling, which makes it comfortable and evenly distributes your body weight.

The MovieSac will make you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep on it.

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7. Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag Chair

Person sitting on a bean bag.
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Lay it down like a bean bag bed or set it up like a chair. The Jaxx Cocoon takes up 6 feet of space, offers superior comfort, and can easily fit two adults.

It’s filled with shredded polyurethane micro-cushions, which is not only comfortable, but it’s also breathable.

The cover is removable and machine-washable. There’s no need to worry about spills or stains.

When you order the Cocoon, it’ll arrive in compressed packaging. Once you unpack it, the bean bag will begin to expand.

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Bean bag chairs will elevate your home, and you’ll fall in love with the comfort. There are various sizes, materials, fillers, colors, and price ranges. This ensures that you’re able to find the perfect one for you and your home.

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