The 10 Best Bar Carts in 2023

Bar carts are a stylish way to keep your barware and bottles. Find out what the best ones are to enhance your home bar.

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A bar cart gives you a mobile spot to make and serve drinks. Typically, they stand between 3 and 4 feet tall.

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It’s also used to display your bar essentials stylishly. If you don’t drink cocktails, you can also use a bar cart to store your coffee or tea items. The following are the best bar carts to upgrade your drink game.

1. Nathan James Carter Rolling Bar

Bar items and food on a black and wood bar cart.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Nathan James offers a classic and minimal 2-tier bar cart. It’s built with a sturdy metal frame and stylish wood shelves. The cart measures 17 by 24 by 35 inches. So, you’ll have enough space for all of your drink essentials.

It also sits on four wheels that lock whenever you need it to stay in place, and the handle makes it easy to move around. Whether you want it in your living room or kitchen, you can get it there easily, and it’ll look great.

Buy the Nathan James Carter Rolling Bar from Amazon for $98.61.

2. Crate and Barrel Adina Black Cart with White Concrete Shelves

Glasses on a black and white bar cart.
Photo courtesy of Crate and Barrel.

The Adina bar cart from Crate and Barrel immediately elevates your home’s style. Being black and white, the bar cart gives off a sophisticated, clean, and modern look.

It measures 29 inches wide, 18.5 inches deep, and 34 inches tall. Its frame is made with black-finished iron, and the two shelves are made of concrete. Your bar essentials have a solid base.

The wheels are made of plastic. So, it’s designed to be used indoors. You can also lock them in place if you need them to hold still.

Buy the Adina Black Cart with White Concrete Shelves from Crate and Barrel for $599.

3. West Elm Fulton Bar Cart

Metal bar cart with glass shelves and drinks on it.
Photo courtesy of West Elm.

West Elm’s Fulton Bar Cart offers industrial styling, and the frame gives an airy feel. It has an antique bronze-finished metal frame and glass shelves.

The bar cart measures 28 inches wide, 14.2 inches deep, and 29.5 inches tall. It’s an excellent size for a bar cart, and the slim shape makes it look minimal. It’ll blend right into your home.

Buy the Fulton Bar Cart from West Elm for $399.

4. Latitude Run Ackerman Bar Cart

Black metal bar cart and glass shelves with drinks and a plant on it.
Photo courtesy of Wayfair.

If you’re looking for a simple and modern bar cart with squared edges, the Ackerman Bar Cart from Latitude Run is an excellent choice.

The bar cart measures 34 inches tall, 19 inches wide, and 28 inches deep. It has a black metal frame, glass shelves, and locking caster wheels.

It’ll look good in any room and offers a great solution to hold all of your home bar needs. Plus, you can decorate it with a plant or two.

Buy the Latitude Run Ackerman Bar Cart from Wayfair for $286.99.

5. Anthropologie Oscarine Lucite Bar Cart

Brass and glass bar cart with drinks and flowers on it.
Photo courtesy of Anthropologie.

Anthropologie offers a bar cart that’ll immediately grab your attention. It’s made with brass, Deco-inspired with clean lines, and holds your bar essentials in style.

Each piece of brass is connected by clear lacquer, which is easy to clean and resistant to moisture. The cart is 31 inches tall, 31 inches wide, 16.5 inches deep.

Aside from drinks, it’s a great cart to use for food, especially if you’re having a party. It’s seriously a show-stopper.

Buy the Oscarine Lucite Bar Cart from Anthropologie for $698.

6. South Shore Maliza Bar Cart

Bar cart with a metal frame and marble shelves holding plates and wine.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

The Maliza Bar Cart is versatile and modern. Its black metal frame is sturdy and sleek, while the faux marble shelves add character to it.

It’s well-designed because there’s space for many of the essentials you’ll have. There’s a wine rack at the bottom, two tiers for you to customize, and a rack to hang your glasses.

Buy the South Shore Maliza Bar Cart from Amazon for $162.56.

7. Haotian Bar Serving Cart

Wood and metal bar car with food and drinks on it.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

The Haotian Bar Serving Cart features three tiers, which give you enough space to store drinks, barware, plates, and food. Plus, you can hang your wine glasses under the middle shelf.

The cart is made with a metal frame and medium-density fibreboard (MDF) shelves with a wooden print. It has an industrial and vintage look. For the dimensions, it’s 31.1 inches wide, 15.75 inches deep, and 35.43 inches tall.

Buy the Haotian Bar Serving Cart from Amazon for $109.99.

8. FirsTime & Co. Gold Odessa Bar Cart

Gold metal round bar cart with drinks and plates on it.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

If you’re looking for something different than the standard rectangular bar cart, you’ll enjoy the Gold Odessa Bar Cart because of its circle frame. It measures 32 inches tall, 28 inches wide, and 14 inches deep.

The gold metal frame is stylish and open, which offers an airy feel. It also has 2 glass mirror shelves for your drinks and essential home bar items.

It’s a beautiful way to put your drinks on display and move them around whenever you need to.

Buy the FirsTime & Co. Gold Odessa Bar Cart from Amazon for $135.85.

9. Madison Park Signature Lauren Bar Cart

Gold three-tier round bar cart with drinks on it.
Photo courtesy of Wayfair.

The Lauren Bar Cart will give your home a sophisticated and elegant look. It has a gold metal frame with rounded shelves. The top and middle shelves are glass, while the bottom shelf is a mirror.

It sits on small wheels, which keeps the attention on the cart. The wheels keep a low profile and are there to move the cart without stealing the spotlight.

For the dimension, it’s 36 inches tall, 32.25 inches wide, and 16 inches deep. Being a three-tier bar cart, it’s on the taller end. The great thing about it is that you’ll have plenty of space.

Buy the Madison Park Signature Lauren Bar Cart from Wayfair for $296.65.

10. Gracie Oaks Buchan Bar Cart

Metal bar cart with light wood shelves holding wine bottles and glasses.
Photo courtesy of Wayfair.

If you want a farmhouse-style bar cart, Gracie Oaks has the ideal one for you. The shelves are made with solid and light wood, and the metal frame gives it a rustic and used look.

The Buchan Bar Cart is also a great pick if you love wine because it comes with plenty of storage for wine bottles and glasses. At the bottom, you can keep plates or items to serve food, and the top can be used to store your cocktail essentials.

Overall, the cart measures 32 inches tall, 16 inches wide, and 28 inches deep. It’ll add the perfect rustic touch to your home.

Buy the Gracie Oaks Buchan Bar Cart from Wayfair for $169.99.


Bar carts are an aesthetic and functional way to organize and store your drinks and barware. Whether it’s liquor, wine, or coffee, you can stylishly display it with a bar cart. It’s also mobile, which gives you the option to move it around easily.

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