The Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras in 2022

Outdoor home security cameras protect you and your home. Finding the right camera is important for you to stay in the know.

Four different outdoor home security cameras.

1. Arlo Pro 3

Arlo outdoor security camera being used in the rain.
Photo courtesy of Arlo.

Arlo Pro 3 is a wireless and weather-resistant outdoor security camera. It comes in a pack of two, and also includes two rechargeable batteries.

You can keep an eye on your home during the day or night, as it offers color night vision. The following are several of the other features:

  • 2K HDR for clearer details.
  • 160-degree viewing angle.
  • Activate manually or automatically with motion.
  • Has a magnetic charging cable.
  • 2-way audio.
  • Built-in smart siren.
  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Overall, Arlo Pro 3 is an excellent choice. It’s an upgrade from the previous model, the Pro 2. It has better resolution, wider angle of view, color night vision, better zoom, and a built-in siren.

2. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor.
Photo courtesy of Google.

Google’s Nest Cam IQ Outdoor monitors 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can see a 130-degree view in 1080p HD at any time of the day. It can withstand rain or shine and doesn’t need batteries to run.

One of the best features is that it’s smart. The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor can tell the difference between a person and a thing, which it uses to send person alerts to your phone. The following are other great features:

  • 12x digital zoom and enhance.
  • Close-up tracking.
  • High-power infrared LEDs.
  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Plugs into an indoor outlet.
  • Weatherproof IP66 rating.
  • Wi-Fi connected.
  • Videos stay safe in the cloud.
  • HD talk and listen.

3. Ring Floodlight Cam

Ring security camera with two floodlights.
Photo courtesy of Ring.

The Ring Floodlight Cam is the first HD security camera with built-in floodlights. It also has a two-way talk and a siren alarm. The following are more details about the Ring Floodlight Cam:

  • 1080p HD video.
  • 2 LED floodlights.
  • Remote-activated security siren.
  • 140-degree field of view.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa.
  • Motion-activated alerts.

Be sure to download the Neighbors App by Ring because you’ll be informed of things that are happening in your neighborhood. You’ll be in the know, and you can share anything that you see with your neighbors.

4. Wyze Cam Outdoor

Wyze security camera.
Photo courtesy of Wyze.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is a $50 wire-free and weather-resistant camera kit. Compared to the other options, it comes at a much lower cost. It has IP65 weather-resistance, 1080p video quality, and motion-detection.


Ezviz security camera mounted to a wall.
Photo courtesy of Ezviz.

The EZVIZ C3W is a wall-mounted outdoor Wi-Fi security camera. It has a built-in strobe light, alarm, two-way talk, and durability in any type of weather. The following are more features that it offers:

  • 1080p video.
  • Infrared night vision up to 30 meters.
  • IP66 dust and water protection.
  • 360-degree swivel and base.
  • Supports 128 GB MicroSD card.
  • 103-degree field of view.

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