How to Use Cleaning Vinegar

Cleaning vinegar is more effective than white vinegar. Instead of having 4 or 5 percent acidity, cleaning vinegar has 6 percent.

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What’s cleaning vinegar?

Cleaning vinegar is a natural solution that you can use to clean many things in your home. It’s a low-cost and non-toxic way to get rid of dirt and grime.

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It’s similar to white vinegar, which is another popular natural cleaner. The main difference is that cleaning vinegar is more acidic.

White vinegar has an acidity level of 4% to 5% while cleaning vinegar is at 6%. Although a percent doesn’t sound like much, it does make it more effective.

Since it’s a natural and non-toxic cleaning solution, cleaning vinegar is an excellent choice.

How to use it

There are two ways to use cleaning vinegar. You use it as-is or dilute it with water. The method you choose depends on what you want to clean.

For an everyday cleaner, dilute it with water because it’s potent. The perfect ratio is one-part water and two-parts vinegar.

If you aren’t a fan of the smell of vinegar, you can make it smell better by adding a couple of drops of essential oil. Citrus smells are the best because they’ll leave your home smelling fresh.

You can also add a tablespoon of dish soap to make it smell better and work more powerfully.

Using the undiluted version is best if you have tough stains, grime, or grease. Since it’s concentrated and acidic, make sure you wear gloves to protect your skin and nails.

Where to buy

You can purchase cleaning vinegar at grocery stores, home improvement stores, and online at places like Amazon. The following are several great options:

When not to use cleaning vinegar

Cleaning vinegar can cut through grime, remove grease, dirt and does a great job at cleaning. While it’s a powerful and non-toxic solution, the downside is that it’s acidic.

Since the acidity is so strong, you can’t use it on every type of surface. If you have stone countertops, such as marble, limestone, and granite, don’t use cleaning vinegar. It’ll cause them to lose their shine.

Some hardwood floors, the washing machine, dishwasher, clothes iron, and knives are all things that don’t pair well with cleaning vinegar.


Overall, cleaning vinegar is a natural and non-toxic solution that works powerfully. You can use it to clean stains on clothes, some countertops, and floors. It’s more acidic than regular white vinegar, which makes it more effective.

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