What’s a Colonial House?

A Colonial house is one of the most popular home styles in America. It dates back to the 1600s and has many sub-categories within it.

Light green Colonial-style house surrounded by trees.

Colonial-style houses are simple. They’re rectangular, symmetrical, two or three stories, and have fireplaces. Normally, the houses are built with wood, stone, or bricks.

Most Colonial-style houses have a kitchen and living room on the first floor, while bedrooms are up top. They also have large and spacious house plans.

As the name states, it dates back to the European colonization of America from the early 16th century.

Within the Colonial style, there are different styles including English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Georgian, and American. They’re most common on the East coast or the southern United States.

There are many benefits to having a Colonial house. It’s spacious, big enough for entertaining, and the symmetry looks great.

However, there are downsides. The large size may be hard to heat or cool down with air conditioning. It can also seem very formal, which may make you uncomfortable if you aren’t used to it.

Overall, Colonial style houses have a classic, historic, and elegant feel. Like all house designs, the one you choose depends on your taste and style. If you like a classic and spacious feel, the Colonial style is an excellent choice.

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