The 7 Best Glass Food Storage Containers

Find the best glass food storage containers. They’re better than plastic, easier to clean, durable, and won’t get stained.

Three glass containers filled with food.

1. Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set

Stack of Glasslock food storage containers.
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Glasslock offers an 18-piece set of glass containers and lids, you’ll get 9 of each. They’re oven-safe, microwaveable, BPA-free, and offer an airtight seal. You’ll get different sizes, which means you can prepare individual ingredients and pack complete meals or leftovers.

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2. Bayco 24 Piece Glass Food Storage Containers

Three stacks of Bayco glass food storage containers with different ingredients.
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With the Bayco containers, you’ll get a total of 12 glass food storage containers. They’re BPA-free, leak-proof, freezable, and oven-safe with a maximum temperature of 752 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers

Stack of glass containers with compartments and food.
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Prep Naturals offers excellent glass containers for meal prep. Each container has a divider that separates your food into three compartments, which is helpful for measuring out portions.

4. FineDine 24-Piece Superior Glass Food Storage Containers Set

Three stacks of FineDine glass food storage containers.
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The FineDine 24-Piece Superior Glass Food Storage Containers Set is a great choice. It’s made with borosilicate transparent glass, which can handle tolerate rapid temperature changes without warping or cracking.

5. OXO Glass Rectangle Food Storage Container

Empty OXO glass food storage container.
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OXO is known for its kitchen tools and containers. The glass food storage containers are durable and have a removable silicone seal that’s easy to clean. They’re built to go from freezer to oven without thawing.

6. Anchor Hocking Glass TrueSeal Rectangle Food Storage Containers

Stack of two glass food containers with blue lids.
Photo courtesy of The Container Store.

The Anchor Hocking containers are unique because it uses compression lids for airtight freshness, spill-proof storage, and a food-preserving vacuum seal. To remove the air, press down on the clear center of the lid to push it all out.

7. AmazonBasics Glass Locking Lids Food Storage Containers

Stacks of glass food containers by AmazonBasics.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

AmazonBasics offers a cost-effective solution for storing food. In the set, you’ll get a total of 14 containers for less than $30. The containers are made of borosilicate glass, and the lids are leak-proof BPA-free plastic.


Glass containers are the way to go when it comes to storing food. It doesn’t absorb or get stained as plastic does. It’s also easier to clean and can endure high heat without breaking or melting.

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