10 Brilliant Kitchen Organization Ideas

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. You can be more efficient and have more joy when you’re cooking with kitchen organization.

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1. Label everything

Pantry and spice labels and jars.
Photo courtesy of Real + Vibrant Home.

Labels will make your life easier, and your kitchen is more organized. When you have a label for your different items, it’ll be easier to find what you’re looking for, and your kitchen will have a streamlined look.

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2. Stay organized with drawer dividers

Four white expandable drawer dividers.
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One of the best kitchen organization tools is the use of drawer dividers. It can be used for utensils, whisks, spatula, or any other tools you have for the kitchen. For an aesthetic approach, organize like with like.

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3. Install hooks to hang mugs under your shelves

White cups on black hooks on attached to a wooden board.
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To free up cabinet space, install hooks underneath to hang your mugs. It’ll give you more space for your dishes and bowls while making it simple to grab a mug for tea or coffee.

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4. Put your pantry items in a container

OXO food containers with different items in it.
Photo courtesy of OXO/Amazon.

Get rid of the packaging that your pantry items came with, and place them in airtight containers. It’s a convenient way to store your food, and keep your kitchen organized. It’ll also keep your items fresh for a longer time, than placing a clip on the bag.

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5. Use dividers to store your pots and pans

Cookware organizer with pans on it.
Photo courtesy of YouCopia/Amazon.

Instead of piling your pots and pans on top of each other, use dividers or store them on their sides. It’ll be easier to take it out when you need it, and it won’t scratch as it would when the items are stacked.

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6. Get a pull-out cabinet drawer

Mesh pull-out drawer with pots in it.
Photo courtesy of The Container Store.

Pull-out drawers allow you to grab the items that you need without digging through a bunch of other items. It’ll keep your kitchen organized and simplify your cooking experience.

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7. Use a roll-up dish drying rack

Roll-up drying rack on top of a sink with mugs, bowls, and tableware on it.
Photo courtesy of The Container Store.

A roll-up dish drying rack sits on top of your sink when you need it, and when you don’t you can tuck it away. It’s a convenient, space-saving, and functional tool for air-drying your dishes.

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8. Organize your tea and coffee

White canister with a spoon attached, and wooden lid.
Photo courtesy of Crate & Barrel.

Use canisters to store your coffee and loose-leaf tea. By having an attached scoop, you won’t have to worry about finding a measuring spoon. Be sure to use a canister that comes with an airtight lid, which ensures freshness.

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9. Use a magnetic storage rack

Magnetic storage rack holding kitchen items, paper towels, and a cloth.
Photo courtesy of Yamazaki Home.

A magnetic storage rack is a versatile tool that can stick to a magnetic wall, refrigerator, or other metal surfaces. It’s perfect for smaller or narrower spaces. It can also be used as an essentials rack, where you store the items that you use most often.

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10. Keep your under-sink items in a storage bucket

Grey utility bucket.
Photo courtesy of The Container Store.

It can be easy to just toss things under the sink. However, the space under your sink is an important aspect of kitchen organization. Make it efficient by storing your items in an under-sink storage bucket.

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