How to Make a Natural Weed Killer

Learn how to make your own natural weed killer instead of using herbicides. Get vinegar and dish soap to get started.

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DIY natural weed killer recipe

Pulling out weeds by hand is an effective way to remove weeds. Another method is to create your own spray. Creating a spray will reduce manual labor and save you time.

The ingredients and materials that you’ll need are as follows:

Once you have the ingredients and materials, you’re ready to make your spray. Take the following steps to make it:

  1. Pour 1 gallon of white vinegar into your bucket.
  2. Add one cup of salt into the bucket (optional).
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap into the bucket.
  4. Stir until the salt has been dissolved.
  5. Use your funnel to fill up your spray bottles.

Adding salt is optional. Although it’s powerful, it can prevent things from growing if you spray it on the soil. If you’re planning to plant things, skip the salt, and stick with vinegar and dish soap.

Before you start spraying, it’s important to note that the best results will come from treating the weeds at the sunniest time of the day.

How to prevent weeds from growing

Prevention is the key to stopping weeds from growing. Although you might not be able to stop all of them, you can certainly reduce the number. The following are effective ways to prevent weeds from growing:

  • Mulch. It’s an easy fix because it keeps your soil moist and cool. It also blocks light, which deprives the weeds.
  • Use ground covers. When weeds don’t have light, they won’t grow. That’s why ground covers are effective.
  • Allow your grass to grow. Weeds love open and sunny places. Taller grass will block light and take up space.
  • Pulling. The traditional way to remove weeds is by pulling them out. Make sure you get the roots.


There are two aspects to consider. First, you want to get rid of the weeds, and second, you don’t want to use harmful chemicals to kill them. That’s why learning how to make your own natural and safe weed killer is essential.

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