The 10 Essential Painting Tools You Need to Have

Find out what the must-have painting tools and supplies are. They’ll help you do a better painting job, making them worth the money.

Paint brush and roller brush on cans.

1. Non-slip drop cloths

CoverGrip non-slip drop cloth.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

A drop cloth is a must-have because it protects your floors from paint spills and splatter. When you’re looking for one, make sure it’s non-slip, such as the CoverGrip Drop Cloth.

With a non-slip drop cloth, you won’t have to worry about slipping. It ensures that you can paint safely and keeps your floors clean.

The cotton-poly canvas is machine-washable, which makes it possible to reuse the drop cloth. It also folds up well and stays compact.

Buy the CoverGrip Safety Drop Cloth from Amazon.

2. Painter’s tape applicator and tape

Painter's tape applicator.
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Painter’s tape is the best way to get crisp and clean paint lines. However, making sure that it’s straight and doesn’t get crinkled is the challenging part.

That’s why you need to have an applicator. The ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape Applicator applies tape quickly, precisely, and more efficiently than doing it by hand.

Buy ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape Applicator from Amazon.

3. Paint roller frame

Green paint roller frame.
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Roller frames allow you to quickly cover larger areas with paint. Wooster Brush offers a 9-inch roller frame that has a unique quick-release retaining spring. It allows you to quickly remove the cover without it slipping off on its own.

It’s well-made, durable, sturdy, and fits well in your hand. Due to its superior quality, you’ll be able to use it for many of your projects.

Buy the Wooster Brush 9-inch Roller Frame from Amazon.

4. Roller cover

Three-pack paint roller cover.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Purdy makes some of the best roller covers on the market. The 3/8-inch nap is great for smooth surfaces. However, you can go all the way up to an inch for popcorn ceilings.

The roller covers by Purdy are made to load well, reduce splatter, and release paint evenly. Due to its ability to hold more paint, you don’t have to constantly run to the tray to reload it.

Buy the Purdy White Dove Roller Cover from Amazon.

5. High-quality brush

Purdy paint brush.
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A high-quality paintbrush is essential. There are different brush sizes, and the one you choose depends on the project you’re working on.

The four-inch brush can hold a good amount of paint and is a great alternative to a roller. It’s able to provide a nice finish like smaller brushes while covering more surface area.

For painting trim or smaller areas, a 2.5-inch brush is an excellent choice. If you’re painting corners, consider getting an angled brush. It’ll make your job much easier.

Overall, Purdy is one of the best brands to get when you’re buying a brush because it’ll last a long time. They offer incredible brushes that work well and are durable. If you’re looking for another brand, try Wooster Brush.

Buy the Purdy XL Swan Brush from Amazon.

6. Ladder

Orange and silver aluminum ladder with wheels.
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Ladders ensure that you’re able to paint spots that are difficult to reach. A good ladder will be safe, sturdy, made with high-quality materials, is adjustable, and most importantly, stable.

The 22-foot Velocity Multi-Position Ladder by Little Giant can hold up to 300 pounds and features a Rock Lock, which allows you to easily move the inner section of the ladder to the correct height.

Being a multi-position ladder, it can convert to an A-frame, extension, trestle-and-plank, 90-degrees, and staircase. It also has wheels, which saves you time and energy when you need to move it around.

Buy the Little Giant Velocity Ladder from Amazon.

7. Touch-up painter

Touch-up painter roller.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

The Shur-Line Touch-Up Painter stores paint inside, making it convenient and ready to be used when you need it. It utilizes a fabric roller to provide a consistent finish.

Whenever your walls get marks or scuffs, grab the touch-up painter to make it look brand new. It’s great because it’ll reduce the stress of trying to maintain perfect walls around your home. If it gets chipped, you can fix it.

Buy the Shur-Line Touch-Up Painter from Amazon.

8. Painter’s Multi-Tool

Warner 8-in-1 painter's tool.
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A multi-tool, such as Warner’s ProGrip 8-in-1, will become your best friend. It makes the entire painting process easier because it works as a glazier knife, steelhead, roller squeegee, spreader, crack cleaner, can opener, utility knife, nail setter, and nail puller.

It’s also well-designed because it has a soft-grip ergonomic handle and carbon steel blade. It’s a durable and sturdy tool.

Buy the Warner ProGrip 8-in-1 from Amazon.

9. Extension pole

Entension pole for painting.
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Most paint rollers allow for an extension pole to be screwed into it. Mr. LongArm offers a two to four feet extension pole that’s the perfect length to reach ceilings or upper parts of the wall.

Another common length to use is the four to eight-foot extension. The benefit of using an extension pole is that you don’t have to grab the ladder. It’ll save you time and space.

Buy the Mr. LongArm Extension Pole from Amazon.

10. High strength spackling

Container of 3M spackling.
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High strength spackling allows you to patch small holes or nicks. The spackling by 3M dries quickly and works for holes up to 3-inches in diameter. After you patch up the small holes, you can paint them over to make them look good as new.

Buy 3M High Strength Spackling from Amazon.


From repairing small holes to reaching tight spaces, the right tools will make your paint job easier and more efficient. If you’re a DIY painter, all of the tools listed are essential for your supply kit.

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