Shipping Container Homes: 10 Incredible Examples

Shipping container homes are rising in popularity because they cost less than a traditional house, are more durable and customizable.

Three shipping container homes.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Shipping container homes are a great alternative to a traditional single-family house. They’re more durable and cost less because you don’t need as many materials or labor.

Typically, they range from 10 feet to 40 feet. You can also build them as a one-story home or multiple. They’re versatile and eco-friendly because you’re reusing a product.

Whether you’re looking to build one or like the idea, get inspired by 15 incredible shipping container homes.

1. HO4

Exterior of a shipping container home with large windows in nature.
Photo courtesy of Honomobo.

HO4 by Honomobo is one of the best-looking shipping container homes that you’ll see. It uses four 40-foot shipping containers to build a 1,280 square feet home. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with large windows, which offer plenty of natural light.

It’s also customizable with many options, including the second wall of glass, fireplace, floor insulation, an appliance package, audio package, or technology package.

2. PV14 House

Front exterior of a large shipping container home.
Photo courtesy of M Gooden Design.

PV14 House is a large, modern, and unique shipping container home. It’s located in Dallas, Texas, designed by Michael Gooden and built by architect Matt Mooney.

The home is made with 14 shipping containers and spans 3,700 square feet. It has 3 bedrooms, a den, and 3.5 bathrooms. You can go outside with privacy, too. There are four covered balconies and a large rooftop deck.

3. Grillagh Water House

Exterior of a large shipping container home surrounded by trees.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Bradley Architects.

Right on the banks of the Grillagh River in Northern Ireland is Grillagh Water House. It combines four 45-foot shipping containers to create a large and modern home.

Grillagh Water House is focused on combining indoor and outdoor living. It has large sliding doors that lead to a patio and chimney for a relaxing time outside.

4. The Double Duo

Exterior of a blue shipping container home in the forest with mountains.
Photo courtesy of Custom Container Living.

Custom Container Living created The Double Duo with two 40-foot shipping containers. They’re placed side-by-side to create a 640 square foot home with two equally-sized bedrooms and one bathroom.

Inside, you’ll find a large and open living room, as the main focus is the living space. There are also plenty of customizations that you can do to make it yours.

If you’re living by yourself or as a couple, this is a great example of a minimal shipping container home.

5. Urban Rigger Floating Container Homes

Floating container homes.
Photo courtesy of Urban Rigger.

Urban Rigger is designed by Bjarke Ingels. He took a different approach to the standard shipping container home and created unique floating residences. They’re working on different projects to create more floating communities from Copenhagen to San Francisco.

6. Escape Den

Two-story container home with open area.
Photo courtesy of River and Rain.

The architects at River and Rain created Escape Den in Bangladesh with indoor and outdoor living in mind. It’s made with four shipping containers and outdoor covered walkways that connect bedrooms and living spaces.

7. Sugarloaf Container Cabin

Container cabin set on a the side of a hill.
Photo courtesy of Tomacek Studio.

Sugarloaf Container Cabin is 1,600 square foot residence in Colorado. It was designed by Tomacek Studio and was built with three shipping containers that create two bedrooms, a kitchen, and 1.75 bathrooms.

It also has an open living space that has structurally insulated panel walls and roofing. The cabin is a perfect getaway from the city, and if you prefer rural areas, it’s a great place to call home.

8. Joshua Tree Residence

White geometric container home in the desert.
Photo courtesy of Whitaker Studio.

Joshua Tree Residence is a starburst-shaped container home built by James Whitaker. It’s one of the most unique and impressive shipping container homes that you’ll see.

The views from inside are incredible. It has bright white walls, large square windows, and a concrete floor. You’ll get views of the sky, desert, mountains, and plenty of Joshua Trees.

9. Container Guest House

Container guest house surrounded by trees.
Photo courtesy of Poteet Architects.

Instead of a guestroom, why not build a guest house? The Container Guest House by Poteet Architects is the perfect way to host guests. It’s built with one shipping container and large windows that fill it with light. It also has a patio, which you can access via the large sliding door.

10. Joara Street

Three story container house with a tree in front of it.
Photo courtesy of ZieglerBuild.

Joara Street is a three-story container home designed by Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild. It’s a large and spacious home in Brisbane with a modern look. It has a nice blend of natural materials, as the wood complements the metal from the shipping containers.

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