Small Bedroom Storage: 11 Space-Saving Ideas

If you have a small bedroom, the goal is to maximize your space with functional storage solutions without feeling overwhelmed with stuff.

Beige and white bed with farmhouse styled side tables.

1. Get a storage bed

Grey storage bed against a white brick wall.
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If your bedroom is small, every inch matters. By getting a storage bed, you’re doubling the use of your bed. You can store clothes, books, or other items below. Many storage beds have drawers on all sides, which makes it efficient and accessible.

2. Utilize the back of your door

Grey over-the-door storage rack.
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Utilizing an over-the-door storage rack is a great way to keep your items in one place without adding more cabinets. It’s a versatile organizer that can be used for small items, hats, or daily essentials.

3. Install floating shelves

Decorations on wooden floating shelves.
Photo courtesy of Imperative Decor/Amazon.

Floating shelves are ideal for small spaces because they’ll look cleaner, light, and they’re easy to install. Less space is required when you compare it to traditional shelves.

Not only do floating shelves look good, but they’re also durable and functional, as long as you buy with quality in mind.

4. Get a pull-out pants rack

Metal pull-out shelves installed into a wooden wardrobe.
Photo courtesy of Rev-A-Shelf/Amazon.

Pants can take up a lot of space in your closet. That’s why installing a pull-out pants rack will maximize and declutter the space that you have. The rack easily slides out and makes your pants accessible.

5. Store seasonal clothes under your bed

Shoes in a plastic under-bed storage drawer.
Photo courtesy of The Container Store.

One of the best ways to save space in your closet is to remove out-of-season clothes. Instead of donating your clothes or throwing it away, place the items that aren’t in-season in an under-bed storage box or drawer.

6. Mount your lights

Black industrial wall lamp.
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Get rid of your standing lamp, and mount your lights to the wall. Lights that are mounted to the wall look appealing, are practical, and easy to install. It ensures that your floors remain clean and clutter-free.

7. Install floor-to-ceiling shelves

Wooden floor-to-ceiling shelves next to chairs.
Photo courtesy of Pexels.

Make the most of your space vertically by installing floor-to-ceiling shelves. You can store books, collectibles, and decor. Utilizing your vertical space will ensure that you’re entire room doesn’t feel like it’s full of stuff.

8. Use your dresser as a bedside table

Light wood dresser with metal handles.
Photo courtesy of Tvilum/Amazon.

In a small bedroom, finding ways to give an item multiple uses is key. By using your dresser for clothes and as a bedside table, you’ll eliminate the need for extra furniture.

9. Organize your make-up vertically

Clear makeup and jewelry organizer.
Photo courtesy of Masirs/Amazon.

If your makeup is scattered, it’s time to get an acrylic makeup organizer. It’ll allow you to keep all of your items together, and it makes it easier to find. It’s also a great way to eliminate a large table with drawers since the organizer stacks vertically.

10. Utilize bedside tables as storage

Grey maple bedside table with drawers.
Photo courtesy of Wayfair.

Bedside tables look great, and if it’s important to you, find one with drawers. They’re handy for storage and can enhance the look of your room when it matches your bedframe.

11. Make your nook comfortable

Grey fabric corner chair with pillows.
Photo courtesy of World Market.

The corner of your room may go unused. If you have large windows and an available corner, get a corner bench or chair.

Not only will you have a comfortable place to relax aside from your bed, but you’ll also have another place to store your items if you get one with storage.

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