The 15 Best Wall Decor Ideas in 2023

From beautiful art to plants, get inspired to transform any blank wall in your home with creative wall decor ideas.

White brick wall with art and a green dresser in front of it with a plant on top.

1. Create a plant wall

Three geometric planters mounted to the wall with plants in them.
Photo courtesy of Umbra/Amazon.

Indoor plants add life to your home while boosting your mood. If you have a blank wall, adding plants is a great way to turn it from dull to beautiful.

There are several ways to build a plant wall. You can hang planters from the ceiling, mount them to the wall, or put a lot of plants together to create a living wall.

2. Hang a mirror

Circular mirror with a black frame.
Photo courtesy of Wayfair.

One of the best wall decor ideas is to hang a mirror. Not only do they look good, but they also reflect light, which can brighten up a room. Mirrors can also make your space feel bigger.

A large round mirror is a statement piece. It’ll take up a large portion of your wall, make it look modern, and give it a sophisticated look.

3. Get a cabinet

White cabinet with plants and a door opened to show what's inside.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Cabinets are excellent for storing your items while keeping your place streamlined. Although you won’t hang a cabinet, placing it against a wall is a great way to decorate it.

Aside from storage, you can place plants, photos, or other items on top of the cabinet. It also looks great with tall plants on the sides.

4. Hang large-scale art

Large-scale framed art above a couch and table.
Photo courtesy of One Kings Lane.

For a statement piece and something that’ll take up a good portion of the wall, find large-scale artwork that you’re drawn to. It can be a painting, photograph, or drawing.

5. Install a fireplace

Electric fireplace mounted into a wall with a chair in front of it.
Photo courtesy of The Home Depot.

Install a fireplace to make your home more cozy. Whether you prefer a wood or electric fireplace, it’s a great edition to your home.

Electric fireplaces are easier when it comes to wall decor because it can be mounted into your wall, hung, or sit on top of something. Regardless, it’s a beautiful way to elevate your home.

Gallery wall in a living room above a couch and table.
Photo courtesy of Framebridge.

Gallery walls are also called photo walls, and they’re a great way to spruce up a wall. It’s a curated compilation of photos, art, or prints. To create your gallery wall, you can buy individual pieces of art, or purchase a set that was designed to be hung together.

7. Hang a map

Colored map of the world.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or find inspiration in maps, hanging one is a great wall decor idea. You can leave it for display, or mark the places that you’ve been. You can also showcase the places that you dream to go.

8. Mount your bike

Bike mounted to a blue wall horizontally with a chair and plant underneath it.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Instead of tucking your bike away, show it off by mounting it on the wall. It can be displayed like a work of art. Be sure you get a sturdy wall mount so that it can support the weight of your bike.

9. Hang decorative plates

Four decorative plates with different colors.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

If you have beautiful plates that are meant for decor, hang them on your walls. The easiest way is to use adhesive discs because they have glue on the back, which is activated by water. Then, you can stick it on the plate and hang it on the wall.

10. Add texture with something woven

Macrame wall hanging above plants and a cabinet.
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Woven wall decor will give your home a Bohemian feel and looks more relaxing. It’s a modern, tasteful, and minimal way to decorate your home. It immediately adds texture and flow to your walls.

11. Hang an abstract item

Abstract metal bar wall decor.
Photo courtesy of Wayfair.

Hanging abstract decor is amazing because it offers a unique design while boosting creativity and imagination. Finding an oversized piece that you like will be the best way to fill up your wall.

12. Install wall shelves

Industrial wooden wall shelves with books, a plant, and decor on it.
Photo courtesy of The Home Depot.

Whether you like wood or metal, you can find a solid wall shelf to spruce up your home. You can place plants, artwork, abstract decor, or any other decorative item on the shelves. It’s a functional and aesthetic way to improve your home.

13. Mount a digital art frame

Black digital photo frame showing a photo of two people skiing.
Photo courtesy of Aura.

Take a modern approach, and give yourself options when it comes to choosing the photo that you’d like on the wall by getting a digital art frame. They connect with your phone via WiFi, which allows you to send images directly to the frame.

14. Cover it with wallpaper

Gold and blue geometric shapes on wallpaper behind a couch.
Photo courtesy of Wayfair.

If you want to change the look of a wall, use wallpaper. It’s a popular choice because you don’t have to paint the walls. Instead, you can stick wallpaper on, and you can choose between many different colors, textures, and patterns.

15. Get a clock

Black and gold oversized wall clock above a chair and plants.
Photo courtesy of Wayfair.

A good-looking clock does more than tell time. It can add personality and character to your decor. You can also go with an oversized wall clock, which will become a statement piece in your home.


If you have a blank wall and you’re looking for wall decor ideas, you have many options. Whether you want to decorate it full of lively plants or make it cozy with a fireplace, there are plenty of ways to make it look amazing.

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